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Our Story

By Eddie Wang, Founder

There are few things I enjoy more than sharing my passions with others, so one year I took the plunge and started teaching Brazilian Zouk—a dance style that I love dearly. I wanted to set up a website & book my classes online, so I started looking for tools to help. Unfortunately, this is where I ran into a roadblock.

Although there are a lot of tools out there, none of them really felt like they were designed for small business owners like me. I wanted something simple & easy-to-use, that looked good, and supported the payment methods that I was already using (e.g. Venmo).

Because there wasn't already a good solution, my cofounder Derin and I decided to build our dream website & ticketing platform ourselves. We figured that many other business owners must also have faced this problem, and we were excited to help them too.

Since then our tools have been used by hundreds of people, and we've used their feedback to continually improve our solutions. If you sell classes, events, or services, our tools are for you—we truly believe that our tools offer the best & easiest way to set up your business' website, take payments online, and manage your customers. Check them out and we think you'll agree!

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