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Simply Beautiful Business WebsitesWin customers over with our beautiful, phone-friendly design. We combined the simplicity of Linktree with the power of Payment Pages to bring you the best website management tool for small businesses.
Designed for Small BusinessesAs small business-owners ourselves, we (the Worldclass founders) know that managing your website isn't what you want to spend your time on. We created Business Pages to make this process as fast & easy as possible.We also support payments via apps like Venmo - a first in online-ticketing - because we know how important this is for small businesses & side hustles!Pricing - Did We Mention Free?Business Pages are completely free to use! We don't charge any kind of up-front or subscription fees to host your business page.Instead, we hope that you'll use our Payment Pages to take sales. If you do, we'll charge a processing fee for each transaction, as follows:Payment apps: 4.2% + 15¢
Credit cards: 2.1% + 15¢ + Stripe fee
However you can still use Business Pages without taking sales through us - if you want to link to another website to take sales we don't mind!About WorldclassWe're a team of passionate entrepreneurs, software designers, & engineers who want to help small business-owners spend more time doing what they love most!
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